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Here is your 1 search result for Spa Tours in San Francisco, United States

Learn The Art Of Massage! In San Francisco

Learn The Art Of Massage! In San Francisco - San Francisco, California

Duration: 2 hours
Location: San Francisco, California

From USD

I have been a massage artist for 12 years. My focus with a couples massage classes is to promote connection ... More info ›

I have been a massage artist for 12 years. My focus with a couples massage classes is to promote connection. I have been teaching massage as a life skill since 2012. My classes are fun and very interactive. I bring to my work composure, a relaxed attitude, and confidence. 

We explore how massage can help relieve stress, increase body awareness and promote relaxation at a cellular level.  
The maximum number of couples in each class is 7 to assure you each receive personal attention. Each class is 2 hours and you will learn massage techniques to relax the back, neck and shoulders. 
The price of this class is $120 which includes you and your partner.  
Massage workshops taught by Sya Warfield owner of Urban Oasis.

Wear something comfortable to class that is easy to move in. Each person will give/receive massage for one hour. We will meet at the historic Psychic Horizons 972 Valencia St, San Francisco. Please arrive a few minutes early to settle in.  

This class involves you, your partner, other students, and one massage therapist. You will learn basic techniques for addressing specific areas and we will focus on techniques for the back, neck, and shoulders. You will be taught Swedish massage, Thai massage stretching, and deep tissue sculpting to relax or invigorate the body. Each of these platforms will give you a better understanding of how to care for issues happening in the body.

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