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Here is your 1 search result for Tours, Attractions & Activities in San Francisco, Mexico

San Pancho Sunset Photography Workshop

San Pancho Sunset Photography Workshop - San Francisco, Mexico

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Location: San Francisco, Mexico

From USD

Tripods are highly recommended for this course so we can practice long exposures. You can rent a tripod for a small fee ... More info ›

Tripods are highly recommended for this course so we can practice long exposures. You can rent a tripod for a small fee. Availability is limited. Please inquire at the time of booking.
Some fun lenses to use for this workshop would include wide angle and telephoto lenses.
All skill levels and camera types are welcome to join this course. We will adapt the lessons to suit your needs and equipment.
We are on the beach for the majority of this workshop. I will bring blankets to sit on. You are welcome to bring your own folding chairs or sit on the sand if you prefer. You can also stand, but we will be exploring low angles when we capture motion in the water, so you should be low for this portion of the lesson.

You will leave this course with a variety of sunset photographs and learn to take advantage of what is known as the golden hour of photography with incredibly beautiful lighting. You will also learn how all of these techniques apply to sunrise photographs for future application.


San Pancho is the perfect backdrop for an amazing sunset course! In this 90-minute course, we will cover the following topics; composition, lighting, exposure, focal lengths, white balance, lenses, metering, long exposures, camera specific questions, and more!
You will be learning new skills and techniques as you capture wonderful images of charming San Pancho at its most lovely time of day.

We begin the session with an informative lecture and follow it with a comprehensive, hands-on portion where you will practice the discussed techniques and assignments. This is repeated with each subject. During the hands-on portion, each student will receive one-on-one instructions and review with the instructor.

Students will learn how to control the colors of the their sunset images with white balance and shooting fast and long exposures of the setting sun. First, we will have a group lesson to gauge everyone's interests and skill levels. We will take some time discussing metering modes and practice shooting silhouettes. Next, we will use fast shutter speeds to capture the sun as it sets from the beach and then experience the difference when using smaller apertures and longer exposures.

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