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5 days birdwatching, 50 species of Hummingbirds. Bogota and Manizales. - San Francisco, Colombia

About This Tour

Duration: 5 days
Location: San Francisco, Colombia
Product Code: 86898P5

Activity Details

In 4 nights and 5 days, you will visit the most representative places of hummingbird sightings in the Colombian territory, you will see these dazzling colors and iridescent of this family of birds, that will make you vibrate with every picture you take of them.
Travel the Colombian Andes in search of at least 50 species of hummingbirds, traveling through high Andean forests towards the mountain jungles, passing through paramos, piedmont, cloud forests and sub-Andean jungle.
This is a beautiful opportunity to take the perfect photo of your favorite bird of the world.

This is a typical itinerary for this product

Day 1:

Stop At: Caminantes del Retorno, Bogota
Day 1. Your guide will pick you up at El Dorado Airport or at your Hotel to take you to Fusagasuga, where is the first farm to visit. There you spend all day taking pictures and watching hummingbirds fly around you. In the afternoon your guide will take you to Chicaque Private Reserve to rest. Species of Hummingbirds to see: 13 
Duration: 12 hours

No meals included on this day.
No accommodation included on this day.

Day 2:

Stop At: Parque Central San Francisco, San Francisco, Cundinamarca Department
Day 2. Early in the morning you are going near to the waterfall In Chicaque Private Reserve to see the Hummingbirds, there you will be until 12 o clock to take lunch and going to San Francisco town to visit the next small reserve to birding. In the late afternoon you are going to a farm to rest. Expected species of hummingbirds to see: 23 
Duration: 21 hours

No meals included on this day.
No accommodation included on this day.

Day 3:

Stop At: La Cima Golf Club, La Calera, Cundinamarca Department
Day 3. At 4 o´clock you are going to Guasca a small town near to Bogotá, there you will visit a foundation where they take care Andes Bear but also is a good place for birding. At 12 o clock you leave to la Calera to the Observatory of hummingbirds to bird watching and rest. Expected species of Hummingbirds to see: 18 
Duration: 12 hours

No meals included on this day.
No accommodation included on this day.

Day 4:

Stop At: JSB Manizales, Manizales, Caldas Department
Day 4. You are taking a flight to Pereira early in the morning, our van is waiting for you to take you to Termales del Ruiz, small reserve were are at least 28 species of hummingbirds then you will rest there. Expected species of hummingbirds to see: 28 
Duration: 12 hours

No meals included on this day.
No accommodation included on this day.

Day 5:

Stop At: JSB Manizales, Manizales, Caldas Department
• Day 5. The tour comes to an end, you have the opportunity to walk around the reserve, bird watching with a Retorno professional Guide and after lunch go to the airport to come back home. Expected Hummingbirds to see:
Acestrura Heliodor, Adelomyia melanogenys, Aglaeactis cupripennis, Aglaiocercus kingii, Amazilia cyanifrons, Amazilia franciae, Amazilia saucerottei, Amazilia tzacatl, Anthracothorax nigricollis, Boissonneaua flavescents, Campylopterus falcatus, Chaetocercus heliodor, Chaetocercus jourdanii, Chaetocercus mulsant, Chalcostigma herrani, Chalcostigma heteropogon, Chalybura buffonii, Chlorostilbon gibsoni, Chlorostilbon melanorhynchus, Chlorostilbon poortmani, Chlorostilbon stenurus, Chrysolampis mosquitus, Coeligena bonapartei, Coeligena coeligena, Coeligena helianthea,Coeligena lutetiae, Coeligena prunellei, Coeligena torquata, Colibrí coruscans, Colibrí cyanotus, Colibri delphinae, Doryfera ludovicae, Ensifera ensifera, Eriocnemis cupreoventris, Eriocnemis derbyi, Eriocnemis mosquera, Eriocnemis vestita, Florisuga mellivora, Glaucis hirsutus, Haplophaedia aureliae, Heliangelus amethysticollis, Heliangelus exortis, Heliodoxa jacula, Heliodoxa leadbeateri, Heliodoxa rubinoides, Heliomaster longirostris, Heliothryx barroti, Juliamyia julie, Lafresnaya Lafresnayi, Lepidopyga goudoti, Lesbia nuna, Lesbia victoriae, Metallura tyrianthina, Metallura williami, Ocreatus underwoodii, Oxypogon guerinii, Phaethornis gus, Phaethornis striigularis, Ptherophanes cyanopterus, Ramphomicron microrhynchum, Schistes geoffroyi and Thalurania colombica. 
Duration: 12 hours

No meals included on this day.
Accommodation included: Drop off at the airport

Type of Activity

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